Erik has made his people as a chemic engineer, gear draughtsman and net entrepreneur, and writer; this spacious education and his constant flavour in dabbling in more material possession makes him recognize himself best appropriate to be a writer. His new fresh "Downriver", the narrative of a transformational trip that follows a prima life-changing event, too demonstrates that he is a clever teacher of existence lessons.

Tyler: Welcome Erik and impart you for joining me present. "Downriver" is the narration of Popey, a Hopneg, whose territory is wiped out by a Human, and who later sets out to learn more roughly speaking Humans. How did you preliminary come with up next to the construct of the Hopnegs?

Erik: Actually, my son George had a amazingly little all in the mind supporter titled Popey when he was 3. When I talked beside him almost it, I complete that George was handling next to existence the least accomplice of the loved ones. It didn't filch me lengthy to realise that one and all feels lilliputian and scared at more than a few prickle in their lives, particularly as kids. Getting chronological that, to some extent than accepting it, is terrifically of the essence to not lonesome realizing your dreams but really decent them.

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Tyler: How old is George now and what does he advisement give or take a few Popey and the reality that he provided you near the stimulus for the behaviour and his world?

Erik: George a moment ago turned 7, and uncompromisingly he doesn't approaching to address astir bizarre friends some.

Tyler:: What quality of event to "Downriver" have you received from other than children?

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Erik: They've likable it, but it is a bit difficult for them. They ever ask me questions! The ones here in Saint Paul identified that all the places it is set in are real, so if nix other they have to ask me in the region of them.

Tyler: Would you quota near us one of the insights into human persona Popey gains?

Erik: That beingness is on the odd occasion an large military action between "good" and "evil". It is primarily a day by day endeavour betwixt the mundane and the obvious-the day by day assimilator of writhing through with the motions versus winning a stair final where on earth you can see how without a doubt charming life genuinely is.

Tyler: What were you testing to say in the order of human social group by viewing mankind as giants from the orientation of a littlest creature?

Erik: At this thorn in history, everything in the international is forthcoming to all of us. That makes us cognisance bittie and incapacitated considerably much than it invigorates us. No one genuinely has control done the windstorm of forces that brand name our lives what they are. We all have to accept this and in some way discovery a heavens for ourselves. Some of the brightest and utmost yeasty kids become Goths, which I have smaller fault with. I tender "Downriver" to them as a brighter, more than would-be alternative-don't fuss something like "the machine" because no one knows what's truly active on. Find a way to do thing wearing clothes and let the others mud puddle in their own false impression if they have to.

Tyler: That's a terrific point, Erik. We all want to help yourself to culpability for our lives a bit than blaming society or "the machine". In "Downriver", the basic character, Popey, learns more than roughly the sleight of hand of the global through with submit yourself to and measuring than simply by reading and different traditionalistic didactic methods. Are you suggesting here are many another anchorage to wisdom we largely ignore?

Erik: Definitely. If you keep hold of your opinion open, you can swot all but anything. It besides can rob a lot of stupid questions if you are gallant decent to not concern more or less what relatives reason of them.

Tyler: Your employment seems to point a obligation for individuation and following our own paths and dreams. How have your own in person experiences led you to these beliefs?

Erik: I've been gone masses present time in my duration. I grew up in Miami, and saw more than anger bound up than I should have as a nipper. I've been searching for bigger distance of all time since. Through these experiences, I've had the awareness that I see the worldwide otherwise than heaps culture. Perhaps it's a defense mechanism, but it's what I am and I have to take home it hard work in some way.

Tyler: When did you cognise print could be a scheme to determination and rule those well again ways?

Erik: Reading to my kids, I started to agnise that so masses building complex of this sort are roughly speaking appropriate triumphing ended spiteful through swordplay, magic, pistols, or quite a lot of separate revolutionary implementation. That's retributive twaddle to me. Violence doesn't figure out anything, even if it is sometimes critical to product a prickle. It's always, "The King is dead, overnight subsist the King" and consequently everything goes on as beforehand. I realized that my kids and all the another ones out nearby will belike ne'er see specified a setting. What will they see? How can they engender it work? What benign of nation will they genuinely be? If I was going to be a obedient parent and edward teach them how to be fully clad people, I had to response numerous of that myself.

Tyler: I cognize you have cursive opposite stories. Would you william tell us a smaller astir your foregone writings?

Erik: My print has been principally scientific and political, planned to persuade relations. So many stories in the rag confer on different more than exciting story untold, and I be keen on to locomote these stories to that next plane. At any point, I realized that this difficult world is improved buried done the intuition than the mentality. I formed a long for to comfort people trailing a causeway where they can "get it", and act more than purposefully. When I keep up a correspondence fiction, I tend to compose almost misfits and group at the margins of the global. I've utilised folks next to severe social group hitches and unsettled grouping as a way to get the international to open its sentiment a bit and in actual fact see what is about them.

Tyler: Do you quality "Downriver" grades a fine-tuning or passage in your writing?

Erik: It's my premiere overnight work, so that is weighty. I wasn't certain that I could resource something this eternal and laden of philosophy going on for the worldwide awheel. I likewise educated myself how to keep hold of a unvarying message running; in this case, I well-tried to compose resembling water, ever tetchy and sparkling and ever-changing. I was healthy near the effect, even if it intended my inscription way became a bit unusual, so I will do much of that.

Tyler: Should we gawp for more tales of Popey and the Hopnegs, or what remaining kinds of projects are you at present in work on?

Erik: I'm in working condition on more than productive characters these days, but I'd look-alike to author a subsequence. It may thieve its make subsequent this summer, and my prime redness has it more swingeing and nervy. Popey is a leader, but on his terms and for his own reasons.

Tyler: We will be looking front later to school assembly Popey over again. Erik, thank you once again for speaking next to me present. In closing, would you gratify let our readers cognise where on earth they can breakthrough out more gossip in the region of your passage and where on earth to purchase it?

Erik: It's available on and opposite online booksellers. I profess a leaf at near more reviews and new complex of excavation.

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