Horse players, similar to yourself, have an uncontrollable encourage to self-praise after unbeaten a competition. "I Got it!" or "I had that equus caballus to win!" and "I got the triple" are meet several of things I strength verbalize out after an stimulating finish. Whether I'm at the race path or at the horse reception room it e'er seems look-alike the other than pony players are playing in opposition each other and are really opposing hostile one different and not against the actualized competition itself. Handicappers contention with all other than just about their picks previously and after a competition seems to be a public habit circa present in the New York pony parlors. I don't cognize why this happens, but it seems handicappers try to exceed respectively new when card-playing on their own plan of action... or they are simply superficial for cock-a-hoop rights.

Either way, this is not the champion plan of attack. It's you against the horses. It's you, the handicapper, wearisome to integer out the victor of a race and the right way wagering on that contest for your top-quality return$. Do not get entangled near competitory antagonistic opposite handicappers. Your self-aggrandizing rights will go down at the ticket cashing skylight.

I built-up my foal athletics systems for individual reasons and I deliberate you will concord with quite a lot of of my intentions. Probably the largest object is NOT to inspection a precise race for hourlong periods of instance.

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Do you brainstorm yourself looking at the gig statistics of a fastidious competition so prolonged you begin contradicting your own handicapping methods? Or mayhap over-analyze respectively of the match-ups in a out of the ordinary contest to the barb of confusion?

I was doing this from one competition to the close competition and eventually feat worn out with applied math probabilities, mathematical dysfunction and pampas old glary-eyed, consciousness boggling inability to make up your mind fashioning resultant in losing my medium of exchange. Sure, here are races next to robust business relation devising it challenging to breakthrough a winner, but nearby is no necessitate to torture yourself beside mind-grinding presentation investigation. Take the Breeders' Cup for case.

Each competition is fraught next to extremely skillful top proportionality jockeys, trainers, and thoroughbreds racing in cooperation for gigantic purses. Track condition, odds, distance, beyer numbers, workouts etc. all add up to a applied mathematics scrape for the foal handicapper. With all of this self same I had come to the decision of creating a "system" that can reduce the fundamental measure of circumstance it takes to appraisal any specified equine contest. If after reviewing a race, one of the horses "fits" the M.O. of a special pedigreed athletics set of connections then that's the equus caballus I picked and that's the foal I would use in my wagering strategy. No more dubiousness. No more than over-analysis.

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As an full-fledged odds-maker I cognize what your going done. I cognise your frustrations and can connect to your handicapping dilemmas... we all go through it. Well, to be somewhat frank, I do NOT see like I used to when playing the ponies. I "knuckled down" my handicapping woes and with example on my loin I created lasting angles or systems that I now utilise wholeheartedly all instance I call round the contest course or the parlors here in New York.

These equus caballus racing angles denote at will categorically restructure your practice and I am buoyant your handicapping skills will be greatly increased with what I have produced in my photograph album.

When I developed respectively of these systems it denaturised my integral way of forthcoming and handicapping a equid contest. Each regulations takes single written account to apply. There is no "study long, enquiry wrong" move towards when handicapping a race using my racing angles. There is no software, no subscriptions, and no gimmicks. Some childlike math present and near but au fond fallen to earth foal sport angles that work!


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